You’re going to discover that conversations are best at 4 am. The heavier the eyelids, the sincerer the words. Those are the talks you’ll remember. It’s ok not to know the answer and silence is not awkward. It’s shared, so share it more often than not. Jeff Stuckel (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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don’t shit on people for having self confidence and being happy with their appearance like how bitter are you

Don’t shit on anyone, really

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Honey brown with the long black hair
Teasing me with a kiss and a stare
Slight touch and you taking me there
So fine and it just ain’t fair
So beautiful and so damn rare

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when it finally gets to your favorite part of a song and someone turns it down


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I wonder how many of my friends secretly have really fucked up fetishes

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my biggest fear is falling and dying in the shower and my family finding me naked

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